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Allah Ta'aala- The Greatest



Allah Ta'aala bestows 4 honours upon a person who restricts his worldy hopes:

♦ Grants power to indulge in devotions

♦ Grants him relief from worries

♦ Makes him content with small provision

♦ Illuminates heart


   Allah Ta'aala punishes him who entertains high hopes about the distant future in 4 types:

♦ Makes them neglect the acts of devotion

♦ Increases his worries about worldly things

♦ Makes him ever-greedy and anxious for an increased wealth

♦ Deprives his heart of mercy and compassion


Darkness of the heart:

♦ The fear of sins leaves the heart

♦ The heart loses the capacity to incline to obedience

♦ Naseehat (Good counsel) does not influence the heart


   4 things enlighten a mans heart (Noor):

♦ Empty stomach

♦ Associating with pious

♦ Remorse over past sins

♦ Resticting worldly hopes


   4 things breed hard- heartedness:

♦ Eating too much

♦ Bad comapany

♦ Forgetful of one's own sins

High hopes about the distant future, when the next moment could be the last



   Guard yoursef from 6 things:

♦ When you speak, speak the truth

♦ Fulfill when you promise

♦ Discharge your trust

♦ Be pure in thought and action

♦ Withold your hand from striking

♦ Withold from talking that which is unlawful and bad


    3 types of sabar (patience):

 ♦ Sabar upon good deeds, when you have difficulty on doing something good eg: waking up for Fajar/Tahajjud

 ♦ Sabar upon doing sins, when u want to do something that is a sin but you do sabar and do not do it eg: tv, movies, music

 ♦ Sabar upon illness, when you are in great difficulty, hardship and problems


   Signs of Riyaa (Showing off)

   Riyaa has 3 signs:

♦ When alone the worshipper is lazy/careless and sits when performing nafl/salaah.

♦ When in public, he feels joy (because his act of virtue are being observed by others.)

♦ When he is praised, he engages more in worship and when criticized, he becomes lax in his worship.


   3 types of friends

♦ Jaani - Jigri dost, loves you without any greed (laalach) is always there for you like a proper friend

♦ Naani - like naan, eats matlabi, is only your friend because of his/her own needs

♦ Maali - is your friend because your wealthy and knows he/she  will get something out of you.


        Treasure five thing before five :

      ♦ Your youth before your old age
      ♦ Your health before your illness
           ♦ Your prosperity before your poverty
          ♦ Your free time before your engagement
         ♦ Your life before your death (Tirmizi)





How blessed I am to be a Muslim.
I say a simple Salaam to someone, I'm rewarded.
I pray in Masjid with Jama'at, I'm rewarded 27 times more than those who pray alone.
I begin anything with Bismillah, that action of mine is rewarded.
I think of doing a good deed, I'm rewarded.
I control my temper, I'm rewarded.
I hold the glass with my right hand while drinking, I'm rewarded.



A man with all the money in the world can buy anything he wishes but he can never buy Imaan, nor can Imaan ever be won, or stolen, it is a treasure given by Allah Ta'aala.
Some will be given it, some will never have it.
Think how LUCKY and BLESSED we are.
The Holy Prophet (pbuh) stated in a hadith, to the nearest meaning,
"If Allah Ta'aala wishes good for a person, he makes them understand the Religion Islam.
So if you have Imaan do not take it for granted, treasure it, share it and be grateful because there is nothing in this world that can ever compare to it."
As Allah Ta'aala states this world is not for enjoment it is just a deception and this life is only a test.
Look at Imaan as an aeroplane the higher you go the smaller the world becomes




Inviting (Daawat) to Islam

    6 Points of Tabligh

♦ Kalima Tayyibah

♦ Namaz
♦ Knowledge and Zikr

♦ Honour for a muslim
♦ Sincerity of intention
♦ Inviting


♦ Kufr -
   Bidat -
♦ Evilness -
♦ Ignorance -
   Negligence -

♦ Jealousy -
♦ Pride
♦ Being astray


♦ Laa ilaha illallahu
♦ Salaah
♦ Ilm

♦ Ikraam
♦ Ikhlaas
♦ Tabligh

Hadyah (Gift)



A gift presented to gain some worldly motive is not Hadyah. It is a Bribe.

When a gift is presented for gaining an answer to an istiftaa (question) . It is an Wage not Hadyah.

If the motive for the gift  is to gain  Sawaab, it is Sadqah not Hadyah.

Hadyah is a gift presented purely out of MOHABBAT (LOVE) for the muslim.


On the day of judgement, worldy friendship will be of no avail. (use) A friend will flee from a friend.
However friendship kept for the sake of Deen will endure even on that day of terror.
Those who were friends here for worldly motives will be enemies there,
but the friendship of the pious people will be lasting.
Therefore if you wish to make friends befriend a pious person.

Eat less

Describing the benefits of eating less

Many sins are the consequences of providing excessive nourishment to the stomach. Abstain from Haraam food. Do not become addictive to delicious food. Do not eat excessively leave some space in the stomach. i.e. Do not eat to satiation. (full and unable to take more)


The benefits of eating less :

1. The heart remains pure. This leads to recognition of the bounties (Ni'mat) of Allah Ta'aala

2. Love for Allah Ta'aala develops in the purified heart

 3. Mercy and tenderness become the attributes of the heart

4. Pleasure is experienced in Du'aa and  Zikr

5. Pride and rebellion of the Nafs are restraint and eliminated

6. The difficulty of even a little hunger leads to abstention from sins. The inclination for sins decreases

7. One stays healthy

8. One feels less sleepy, and laziness in regard to Tahajjud and other acts of Ibaadah is uprooted


The bounties of Islam

Money can buy time but not eternity

Money can buy a bed but not sleep

Money can buy food but not appetite

Money can buy a book but not brains

Money can buy a doctors service but not health

Money can buy friends but not friendship

Money can buy amusement but not happiness

Money can buy Musallah (prayer mat) but not Salaah.... But Salaah costs nothing and it can buy you all of these plus ALLAH TA'AALA'S PLEASURE!






A muslim is forbidden  to mock or laugh at other people. Only humour that is meant to please or cheer a person is permissible. Jokes that offend a person are not permissible :

A joke that hurts the feeling of a person is not an joke but an insult

A joke that causes fear and worry is cruelty

A joke made up of lies and dishonesty is falsehood

Laughing at the weakness of a person is unkind and cruel

A joke  is only acceptable if it makes a person happy and joyful

Too much laughter and joking hardens the heart and prevents a person from the rememberance of Allah Ta'aala

Joking and laughter is like salt in the food. Too much of it may spoil your Imaan

Never make a joke of the commands of Allah Ta'aala and his Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Never make jokes or fool around in the Masjid 

                                                                                                            The Holy Prophet Muhammadlaughter was no more than a smile

Success                                                                                 Ever perfect                                                                         Who is Al-Mu'min? The Believer        

Life is a test
Islam is the best
Namaz is must
Aakhirat is for rest
World is only dust
If Qur'aan is in chest
Nothing need next
Obey Allah
Success will be next

There is no word as beautiful as Allah
No example as beautiful as RasoollullahNo lesson as beautiful as Islam
No sound as melodious as Azaan
No charity as meaningful as Zakaat
No encyclpedia as perfect as Al-Qur'aan
No excercise as perfect as Salaah
No diet as perfect as fasting
No journey as perfect as Hajj
Realise Islam is EVER  PERFECT!

The first quality of a Mu'min is Taqwa (fear of Allah
The second quality of a Mu'min is belief in the unseen
The third quality of a Mu'min is to stand steadfast in Salaah
The fourth quality of a Mu'min is to spend in the path of Allah

The fifth quality of a Mu'min is to believe the Holy Qur'aan as a revelation onto Muhammadthe final Prophet of Allah
A Mu'min lastly believes in the hereafter


Remember! Success does not lie in following the way of shaitaan
Remember! Success is in following the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

Remember! Success is in establishing 5 times daily Salaah
Remember! Success is in Fasting in the month of Ramadan
Remember! Success is in paying the Zakaat

Remember! Success is in performing the Hajj
Remember! Success is in going out for Jihaad
Remember! Success is in pleasing The Almighty Allah!

Spiritual and physical benefits of Miswaak

Allah Ta'aala is happy and pleased
Rememberance of Kalima at the time of death
Freshens the mouth
Cure of every disease except death
Improves eyesight
Makes gums stronger
Gets rid of mucus
Makes the angels happy
It is the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad

Increases the reward of Salaah
Improves memory
Delays ageing
strengthens the back
Makes you wiser
The soul leaves the body easily
Cures the headache
Makes teeth shiny
Hair grows
Clears the complexion
Devil stays out of thoughts
Helps in digestion
Beautifies the face
Increases fluency and intelligence
Relaxes the brain
Satisfies the heart


Mobile phone vs Qur'aan


I wonder what would happen if we treated our Qur'aan like we treat our mobile phones?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

 What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we flipped through it several times a day?

What if we used it to recieve messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we could not live without it?

What if we gave it to kids as gifts?

What if we used it as we travelled?

What if we used it in case of an emergency?

This is something to make us think that where are our priorities?

Where is our Qur'aan?

And lastly unlike our mobile phone we do not ever have to worry about our Qur'aan being disconnected

The Well of Zamzam

 Some virtues of Zamzam water:

This is sacred water hence it should be respected and used accordingly

The origin of Zamzam water is Jannah as hadeeth to the nearest meaning Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas r.a. is reported to have said,
" For verily it (Zamzam) is a spring from the springs of Jannah." (Musaannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah)

Zamzam water is from Jannah (Paradise)

Zamzam is the best water on earth

Zamzam is a cure for every sickness

Hadeeth to the nearest meaning Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas r.a.reports that Prophet Muhammadmentioned,
"The best water on the surface of this world is Zamzam. In it is food for the hungry and cure for the sick."(Tabarani)

Prophetused to fill Zamzam in water bags, he would sprinkle it over the ill and also give it to drink


The Blessed saliva of Prophetis mixed in Zamzam.
Hadeeth to the nearest meaning, Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas r.a.reports that Prophet Muhammadcame to the well of Zamzam so we drew out a bucket of water.
Prophetdrank some water and spat out some back in the bucket. We poured the bucket back into the well. (Ahmad)

According to Hadeeth to the nearest meaning, with whatever intention the water of Zamzam is consumed, it will be attained. If you drink it to be cured of a disease, Allahwill cure you. If you drink it for protection, Allahwill grant you protection (against anything such as an enemy, disease etc.) If you drink it to quench your thirst, it will be quenched. Therefore one should make Du'aa and drink it with the intention that Allahwill accept his/her Du'aas due to the blessings of Zamzam.

Zamzam water can be diluted. Inshaa'Allah by adding other water to Zamzam the blessings of Zamzam will remain and not decrease

The manner of drinking Zamzam is to :

  • Drink it facing the Qiblah
  • Reciting Bismillah
  • Drinking in three sips
  • Make the intention of what you want to gain and drink to your fill
  • Recite the Du'aa of drinking Zamzam

"Allah, I seek beneficial knowledge, wide sustenance and cure from all ailments from You"
(Hisnul Hasin)